Tina, I’d like to thank you for your lovely email and your kindness to both us and the seller. We truly appreciate all you did to make this such a smooth transaction. You are an exceptional realtor!Thank you. Chris and Chris

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John Richlin- Thank you again

I just want to thank you again for handling our property sales. Your advice and keeping me informed at all times was great. Dec. 2019 John S. Read more

John Richlin…. Did a great job !!!

It was our pleasure to work with you on selling our Bradford County property, you made the transition pleasant and very easy. The Boeckle’s Read more

Thanks for the Robin Real Estate Items….

Just want you to know,Tina, we use the plastic “sip” glass you gave us, often! Here in VA, it is an item sought after when refreshment is needed while working in the hot sun! Thank you so much for the... Read more

Thank you for your HARD WORK

Tina, Thank you so much for all your hard work, I know it is part of your job. But, you could have given up at anytime, I did….I just can’t do crazy! You and your team are wonderful people. Thank... Read more

Thank you John and Tina

Amanda Raye Hoover · May 6, 2017 Tina Richlin is an amazing person and so is John Richlin! They both have gone above and beyond for us trying to help us find the perfect house/land! We had our closing yesterday... Read more

Thank you Tina Richlin

Thanks for the card. You didn’t need to do that …. Loved the other stuff you gave us but more importantly the service/help/advice. You’re a top notch Realtor. Dave P Read more

John Richlin

John, Elaine and I thank you for your expert assistance in our recent purchase. You could not have been more helpful and we are truly grateful to you. We are very pleased to be owners of a property in an... Read more

John Richlin

John Thank you for all your efforts.  You have really gone above and beyond what we would have expected. David .   Read more

John Richlin

The process of buying a home, and later after that, a property had started nearly 2 years ago. Numerous properties visited, many hours of John’s time, hours of communication on his own time, I really can’t think of a better... Read more


Thank you for all of your help throughout the whole process. We really appreciated how “un-pushy” you are which was a nice change compared to some of the other real estate agents we have worked with around us! Thank you... Read more

Tina Richlin

I have to agree with Jackie on this Robin Real Estate is so awesome!! Even when I was coming apart buying our house everyone was so helpful and calming. Yes Tina Richlin it is all worth it in the end.... Read more


Thanks So Much Robin Real Estate Hopefully he will take the plunge someday, but hope he’d pick the vaca to somewhere warm and bring his mamma;) lol thanks again Tina! This surprise Made my boys’ day and for sure future... Read more

Tina and John Richlin

If anyone is thinking of getting a weekend or permanent home please give my friends Tina or John a call! Niels B. Read more

John Richlin

John, Wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all of your help with the purchase of Prospect Pond Land. I appreciate you taking the time to walk me around the lot in the snow and marking the... Read more

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