Sayre Borough

The largest borough in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, iron products were made here in the 20th century. Settled in “The Valley” with neighboring, smaller townships and boroughs, the combined population makes it feel like a decent sized town. The locomotive shops in 1940 were so large, that Sayre boasted the largest structure in the world under one roof, but only for a short time. With the declining industrialist age in America, the business shifted to some local agriculture with the largest employer being the Guthrie HealthCare System.

Surrounded by rolling hills, the center square is marked by a pergola and parades are a common occurrence as well as music in the park. Community pride runs deep, and the streets are lined with historic buildings such as the old railroad station.

Buy a home in Sayre means entering a community that has everything you need. Residents say that there is no better place to raise a family than the peaceful and pristine “Valley” in Pennsylvania.

Sayre Borough, PA

Williamsport : 1868 E Third Street
Eagles Mere: Village Shopping Complex
Lock Haven: 202 N Main Street

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